The Haute Route is the 77 km long skiing tour with 7208 vertical height meters that take you to many of Jotunheimen’s most majestic peaks; Norway’s answer to the alpine classic Haute Route.

The route goes from Gjendesheim, through Jotunheimen and ends at Krossbu. You will find yourself on at least one 2000 meter peak every day, and stay in the mountain lodges along the way – Memurubu among others.

If you have experience with peak tours on skis, you can complete the whole trip, or parts of it, without a guide. This is a tough challenge, however, and we recommend using a guide. Hvitserk is one of several companies offering these services, with guided trips with Knut Erik Tessnes (local mountain man from Vågå). The trip starts 28 March and ends on 2 April.


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