Surtningssue has a thrilling profile from the south and is a great option for a day trip when the weather is nice.

The path throug Memurudalen is easy to find. Where the creek Hinnåte runs in to Muru the path crosses a wall by a large rock. This is Øvre Memurubu, where there used to be a mountain farm. The path slowly disappears and runs along the east side of Muru.

Where the creek Surtningssu runs down from the right the patch follows the creek on the east side for about one kilometer before it turns east and through a pass. From here it is pretty steep up the mountain. You'll find a stone cottage from 1899 which can provide shelter if the wind picks up. The peak is at  2368 masl. Some say this place has the greates view in all of Jotunheimen.

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