Bukkelægret is the route between Gjendebu and Memurubu lodge.

Starting from Gjendebu, you are met with a steep climb up from Gjende. You can ship your rucksacks with the ferry. Once you get to Memurutunga, Jotunheimen reveals itself in a stunning panorama. Staring you in the face are the mighty peaks of Surtningssue, and the blue ice of the Memurubreen glacier. You can also see if the fish will take the bait up on Memurutunga, about a 400-meter climb from Gjende.


Tour type: hike
Length: approx. 9.5 km
Duration: 4.5 hours
Degree of difficulty: medium*

See the map and elevation profile up to Bukkelægret on ut.no.

* According to the waymarking handbook (Merkehåndboka).


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